M.TECH-Mechanical Engineering

why Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is considered as the mother of all engineering disciplines.Linking all branches of engineering together, M.E. provides a foundation to the entire engineering education. Applications of mechanical engineering have spread into almost every industry.Started right from the origin of universe, M.E. applications will continue working forever. And hence it is an evergreen branch. In addition to that,M.E. has an everlasting scope. Being a mechanical engineer, you can find jobs in almost every sector like construction, software, auto and a lot more. No other branch is more versatile than M.E. There are enormous job opportunities depending on your abilities.This is the field which will interest you a lot. It covers some of the most interesting phenomena and principles of science& engineering including machine design, thermal engineering & amp; fluid sciences etc.


Eligibility & Fee Details

Eligibility – As Per Norms Of AICTE


M.TECH fee/year

  • Teaching
  • Computer facility
  • Library
  • AC facility
  • INTERNET facility

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  • 51% & Above= ₹40,000​

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Mechanical Engineering

The department currently runs undergraduate programme: B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) and postgraduate programme: M.Tech. (Industrial & Production Engineering). Objective of the Undergraduate programme is to prepare the manpower that is globally the best. Most of the students, who graduate from the department, end up taking, leading positions in industry, academics and governmental in both India and abroad. Mechanical Engineering includes the science and art of formulation, design, development and control of systems and components involving thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanisms and the conversion of energy into useful work. Mechanical Engineering is one of the departments of the institute with an annual intake of 120 students in B.Tech and 42 Students in M.Tech. The department is very well equipped with Computational facilities and recourses both in terms of software & hardware. The student body is guided by faculty who merit national and international recognition, who are members of prestigious engineering societies and counted among the outstanding scholars in their profession.

The faculty is committed to the advancement of the fundamental Engineering sciences encountered by Undergraduates in a curriculum that is heavy in “basics.” This is balanced by their demonstrated interest and active participation in practical developments as well. 


PG ProgrammeEligibilityNo. of  seats

Master of Technology (Industrial & Production Engineering) (2 years)As per the Norms of AICTE24
  1. Syllabus M.Tech. ME(Click here to Download)