Online Form for Supervisor Request-Civil Engg.

Thesis supervisor selection process for M.Tech students

  • M.Tech. students are assigned their thesis supervisors in the end of their second semester in the M. Tech program.
  • This choice should be made as per the guidelines summarized in the M. Tech thesis supervisor selection ONLINE form.
  • This form must be filled ONLINE and then submitted to the department. Thesis supervisor will be assigned by the department on the basis of the form submitted by the student and other considerations.
  • An M. Tech student cannot register for thesis Evaluation until a thesis supervisor is formally assigned by the department.
  • Until thesis supervisor selection, the M. Tech student must consult the department HOD/Coordinator.


Online Form for requesting supervisor

  • Use this Format: (999)999-9999
  • Research Topics
  • Guidelines for thesis supervisor allocation
    1. The student must talk to the faculty member in the specialization and give his/her preference for research area/thesis topics on the prescribed form.
    2. There should not be any pre-selection among students and faculty members.
    3. The allocation of thesis supervisor will be done by the department.